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Here to Serve Your Independent Funeral Home

A licensed contract professional can be of great assistance when you don’t necessarily need a permanent staff member. Embalming, funeral arranging, graveside service and pre-need contracts are all tasks which only a licensed funeral director, embalmer, and salesperson can provide in Saskatchewan.

Allow us to supply you with the best embalming, and top quality customer service ranging from a pre-need and first call, to final disposition. A licensed contract professional can be of great assistance when you don’t necessarily need, or can’t afford a permanent staff member. Respite and Nepenthe will supply you with the best embalming, and top quality customer service ranging from a pre-need and first call to final disposition

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Whether you need a vacation, have an upcoming family event, have a staff member who is on leave, or you just need a quick getaway, let us provide you with qualified staff and resources for a better quality of life and peace of mind. We are the only insured, registered, freelance funeral company in Saskatchewan solely focused on respite through contract funeral directing and embalming for independent funeral homes. 

A helping hand for independent funeral homes

We are passionate about the funeral industry and serving families through funeral homes, Respite and Nepenthe Funeral Services provides contract funeral directing and embalming across Saskatchewan.  We cater to the owners and managers of Independent Funeral Homes, so you can show up to the important events in your personal life. We can increase your quality of life, by compensating for the issues in our industry; such as overwork, short staffing, and burnout. Providing you with much needed valuable time off. 

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Exceeding Your Expectations

Respite and Nepenthe has earned its positive reputation because of our history of providing truly exceptional service to each of our clients and the families they serve. We understand that your needs can change last minute, and we’re ready to adapt our services quickly to ensure your success. Read on to learn more about what we can do for you.




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Price List

Embalming basic case: $250.00


Embalm, Dress, casket, and cosmetics the same day on a regular case $350.00


Embalming Autopsied case or tissue gas: $300.00       


Dress, casket, and cosmetics same day on Autopsy or tissue gas case: $450.00


Embalming and restorative art on a difficult case determined per case basis (extreme facial disfigurement with an open casket

Grave setup: $250.00


Oversee a funeral service as a funeral director $350

(setup at funeral home or church, direct the staff, lead the funeral procession to the cemetery, assist the clergy, direct the pallbearers, submit paperwork to the cemetery 


A temporary worker on site out of town: $425.00 per day

Includes all of the above: (first call at night, all embalming and restorative art, and basic preparations; including reports associated, prearrangements, fulfilling prearrangements, sales, transfer from place of death, setup of grave at a rural cemetery, set up funeral , arranging administration and documentation registering the death, running the funeral service, graphic design  on stationary package, leading the funeral procession, if time permits; cleaning of the funeral home washing cars, and daily maintenance operations)


Note: if operating in a rural setting, a stipend will have to be provided for accommodations. This will be discussed as per the contract.


Orientation Fee first time $75.00


Mileage: 0.90 per kilometer traveled each way for out of town contracts.

About Us

Funeral Service has been a passion of mine for over a decade. I enrolled the funeral service program through SIAST where I did my internship in 2013 at W.J. Jones and Sons Funeral Home, in Moose Jaw. I later moved back to my hometown of Saskatoon to work for Arbor Memorial at Park Funeral Home. It was during this time, I also did contract embalming for Hillcrest Funeral Home. It was at Park, where I worked with some of Saskatchewan's best directors. I developed my skills in all aspects of the funeral industry including; embalming, transfers, preneed, arranging, administration, grave setup and building maintenance. I quickly built trust and solid lasting relationships with families served. I find my work in funeral service rewarding beyond measure, which comes from years of receiving excellent feedback from families I have served. Burnout and compassion fatigue is common in our industry I want to help you, so together we can serve your families. I am available daily, weekly or monthly to take the stress away from your busy life.


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Saskatoon, SK, Canada

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